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For the benefit of our clients we periodically comment on News and Industry Changes related to Information Management, Bank Card Services and Web Presence. Many of the topics we cover, have a direct impact on our clients and potential clients and we always welcome comments or questions you may have regarding our posts. Please feel free to contact us via email with your comments or questions. Of course you can always call your account representative with questions, comments or suggestions at any time.


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National ESign Day and Electronic Signature

You may have missed National ESign Day. Okay, it wasn't a national holiday and you still had to go to work -- but it is something you might want to think about if you process contracts, applications, agreements or other legal documents online. Even if you are using "fillable" PDF forms or web based forms -- ESign just might be something that could reduce costs and make your life easier. DocuSign ( is the industry leader in electronic signature technology and a great company -- we know from our experience in past projects. Are you ready to look at electronic signature technology for your business? Contact Jim Kennedy at 847-466-1033 or via email to discuss your options.


Employees: Your Best Defense Against a Breach?

Your Employees - The Most Important Compliance Puzzle Piece? -- Employees of companies under strict compliance guidelines can be the first -- and most important -- line of defense in securing sensitive data. Whatever the compliance environment -- your employees and their adherence to procedural guidelines may be the difference between well protected information and a costly breach.


Before your extensive network security purchases can protect your data, your employees see it, request it, key it, in some cases process the paper and otherwise "handle" it. Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, Bank Account Numbers -- all pieces of information someone wants you to handle very carefully. Do your employees know what you want them to do? Do they have everything they need to keep the data safe? Who provides periodic updates and question and answer sessions? Those are questions to which you should know the answer.


Web Landing Pages

Web Landing Pages and Marketing -- A landing page is a web page designed specifically to respond to an online user click. Typically the click is based on a marketing piece, pay-per-click or targeted email. Landing pages don't have to be complex or expensive -- generally they are designed to provide additional detail, specific instructions or to gather user information through a online form or application. Incorporating landing pages into your marketing planning can greatly enhance your results and response rates. We can work with your marketing team or introduce you to our marketing partners to get you started. Contact us at if you have questions or want more information. Click here to review a related article which includes 5 tips to improve Conversion on Business to Business Landing pages.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plans -- Most companies back up server data or store application source code off site, but how many have a real disaster recovery plan? Not just a written plan, but a real plan -- based on their industry's best practices -- that will satisfy an auditor or survive the due diligence process. We can help you put a proper disaster recovery plan in place. Here is a good Wall Street Journal article from their Small Business section that will provide you with a little background information.


Adobe Flash and Apple iPhones

Mobile Apps, Adobe Flash and the Apple iPhone -- We have had inquires regarding Flash Video and users viewing web sites on their iPhones. Adobe and Apple are not seeing eye-to-eye on the advantages of Flash as a Video source for iPhone apps, or web pages viewed on iPhones. While this may be bad news for Adobe -- and you if your web site only uses Flash for Video. We have a plan for our clients who are affected or who have a mobile app in development. Click here for the full article